EUROLabWorkstation ELISA


High Throughput ELISA Processing

The highest throughput, fully automated ELISA processing system.

Some of the major highlights include:

  • Complete walk-away processing of ELISA from primary sample to end result
  • High capacities of up to 15 microplates and up to 700 samples in one run
  • Minimized hands-on times and high result integrity by software-guided loading and bar/matrixcode scanning of samples, reagents and accessories
  • Convenient ready-to-use reagents provided in all EUROIMMUN ELISA kits
  • Flexible work flow adaptation to varying requirements owing to a dynamic work place
  • High throughput of up to 200 tests per hour by fast pipetting of samples and reagents  with 10 pipetting channels and efficient processing of microplates
  • Flexible loading of the 45 tracks with patient samples, reagents and labware
  • Individual configuration with heatable incubators (shakers)
  • More than 200 EUROIMMUN ELISA validated for serum, plasma, and cerebrospinal fluid
  • Flexible open system for use with EUROIMMUN ELISA or other suppliers’ ELISA

Optimize workflows and obtain maximum process efficiency

Mechanical separation of liquid handling and plate transport allows simultaneous operations

10 needles provide unrivaled performance

Customize system design for different workflow needs

Individual configuration of functionality and operating volume

45 tracks for loading samples and reagents

Up to 8 temperature-controlled incubators

Reduce hands-on time and increase process reliability

Intelligent software guides the operator through all steps

Intuitive graphical user interface for simple run management

Overview process status and directly access all significant information

Detailed dashboard with resource overview, plate status and pending actions

Inspect ELISA plates and evaluate results without delay

Continuous and immediate access to ELISA plates during active run

No need to interrupt running processes

Obtain precise and correct results

Coated stainless steel needles and precision pumps guarantee optimal pipetting precision

Liquid level detection and clot detection allow for reliable pipetting processes