EUROPattern Suite


The Computer-Aided Fluorescence Microscope and accompanying EUROPattern Software suite

Our newest lab automation suite; the EUROPattern Software and CAIFM (Computer-Aided Fluorescence Microscope) was developed to support laboratory experts in diagnosing auto-antibodies. The EUROPattern suite is a semi-automated system to record, photograph and evaluate antinuclear antibody (ANA) immunofluorescence images.

The software performs a positive/negative differentiation on multiple pictures from one well, and then suggests the deposited pattern.

Some of the major highlights include:

  • Automated image recording and evaluation of HEp-20-10 IFA 40 slides
  • Identification of both single patterns and combinations of patterns
  • Reference database containing more than 115,000 pictures
  • High-throughput processing: 30 minutes for processing of 50 wells
  • Walk-away function: up to 500 wells in succession
  • No dark room required for analysis or photo capture
  • Technician evaluation and confirmation of software generated results



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