Sprinter XL


Consolidation: fully automated processing of immunofluorescence tests and ELISA on one system/in one run.

Quick results: 4 washable needles and 2 arms allow efficient and optimized time management of worklists.

Flexibility: various system configurations available to suit different laboratory needs.

Quality and security: modern washing technology for brilliant fluorescence, clot detection, liquid level detection and precise pipetting.

User-friendly software and system operation: only to four steps to start a worklist.

Components: 160 (or 240) primary tubes (10-16mm tube diameter), 64 (49) controls/calibrators, 20 (12) secondary reagents, 6 sample buffers, 4 washers, up to 30 slides/6 microplates, and 162 screening dilutions/192 titer dilutions.