At EUROIMMUN, we pride ourselves on being a leader in medical diagnostics worldwide. EUROIMMUN develops and produces tests that aid in diagnosing various diseases in autoimmunity, infectious diseases, and allergy.

Our 3300 employees across 17 countries strive to provide customers with objective, scientific, and commercially discreet advice. Over 200 employees hold doctoral-level degrees and assist with the continuous growth and expansion of the company through scientific research and development. Furthermore, EUROIMMUN is continuously in close contact with the scientific community by developing relationships with key opinion leaders and clinical experts worldwide. We provide comprehensive practical and theoretical training to our employees regularly, accounting for a large part of the company’s success.

This commitment to scientific excellence and education led to the development of the EUROIMMUN Academy. Our goal is to provide resources and educational tools to our customers and colleagues, from clinicians to laboratorians to patients. Our content comes in many forms: live and recorded webinars, blog posts, clinician and patient interviews, and online or video training modules. We cover various topics from clinical pictures to diagnostic strategies, reagents, automation solutions, and workflow generation based on laboratory software. We offer a comprehensive portfolio across multiple indications, including rare neurological and dermatological diseases (i.e., autoimmune encephalitis and autoimmune dermatoses), emerging and communicable infectious diseases (i.e., COVID-19 and tick-borne diseases), and food, inhalation, and insect allergy testing. All content is optimally matched to meet the requirements and knowledge of the participants.


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