EUROLabWorkstation IFA

EUROLabWorkstation IFA

Full automation of indirect immunofluorescence

For in vitro diagnostic use.

The EUROLabWorkstation IFA heralds a new era in IFA automation. With this new development EUROIMMUN enables fully automated and standardized processing with highest capacity and highest efficiency for laboratories with high sample throughput. Up to 750 substrate fields and more than 700 samples can be analyzed at high throughput with just one worklist. The system was developed by EUROIMMUN with a focus on data integrity and minimisation of manual processes. This ensures brilliant fluorescence signals without background for the automatically mounted slides.

The software can be operated comfortably and intuitively via a touch screen and guides the user through the entire process. Complete traceability is guaranteed at all times, since the matrix codes of the slides and the barcodes of samples, reagents and accessories are automatically detected in each step of the process.

  • Fully automated processing of EUROIMMUN immunofluorescence tests from primary sample to mounted slide
  • Highest capacity of up to 750 substrate fields and more than 700 samples in a single worklist
  • Highest efficiency due to 10 washable pipetting needles and complementary accessories, as well as separation of pipetting and transport steps for flexible time management
  • Flexible workflows owing to freely selectable loading of the 45 tracks with samples, reagents and dilution plates
  • Brilliant fluorescence signals – each substrate field is washed without the risk of cross contamination using directed liquid flow in a standardised and gentle procedure


Workflow optimization

45 sample and reagent tracks for freely selectable loading
Slides with 10 and 50 reaction fields
Spatial separation of liquid handling and incubation (enables parallel flows)
Fully automated washing and mouting of slides

Precise and efficient pipetting

10 coated stainless steel needles and precision pumps for high pipetting accuracy
Optimised pipetting efficiency due to economical routes
Secure pipetting procedure owing to liquid level detection
Multishot function for the dispensing of reagents and samples

Innovative washing technology

Fully automated washing of IFA slides using directed and controlled liquid flow
Two integrated washing units for slides with 10 and 50 reaction fields
Integrated washing unit for cleaning of reagent trays
Automatic dispensing of mounting medium

Convenient operation

Touch-screen PC with intuitive graphic user interface
Clear display of the time flow of the current run
Software-supported maintenance with minimum time expenditure

Overview of the process status

Convenient system overview with detailed status information on run times, resources and slides
ID-based memory function for dilution plates
Exact time information on pending actions for improved planning efficiency

Process security from A-Z

Software access with different user accounts and rights
Transparent traceability of all data entries and changes
Gapless allocation of test results to the samples and reagents used


Sample types Plasma, serum, CSF, and DBS
Sample capacity > 700 samples
Slide capacity up to 750 reaction fields (combination of slides with 10 and 50 reaction fields possible)
Parameter capacity per run up to 75
Slide washing unit one each for slides with 10 and 50 reaction fields
Reagent tray washing unit 5 dispensing needles and 11 aspiration needles
Throughput > 200 tests per hour
Sample tubes Outer diameter 10 – 16 mm, height up to 100 mm
Pipetting volume 5 μl – 1100 μl, 1 μl increments
Traceability automated registration of samples, reagents, dilution plates, slides, reagent trays and cover glass holders
User interface Touchscreen PC with EUROLabWorkstation IFA software
Microsoft ® Windows ® 10 LTSB
Online connection ASTM via EUROLabOffice
Dimensions (W x D x H) 114.96 in x 31.93 in x 33.82 in
Weight 992.08 lbs


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The EUROLabWorkstation IFA heralds a new era in IFA automation.
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