IF Sprinter

  • Safe and convenient: Fully automated processing of immunofluorescence tests, from the dilution and dispensing of samples to the incubation and washing of microscope slides.
  • User-friendly:Sample identification by automatic scanning of barcodes when racks are inserted into the system.
  • Quick and reliable results:The washing of slides by overall submersion ensures an efficient shortened processing time and clearer immunofluorescence signals.
  • Smooth laboratory routine: The connection to EUROLabOffice (optional) offers unique ways to optimize processes in serology, e. g. automatic generation of work lists.

The IF Sprinter from EUROIMMUN is an automated solution for the processing of indirect immunofluorescence tests. The automated system is designed for the identification, dilution and transfer of samples and the incubation and washing of microscope slides. The IF Sprinter is designed for laboratories with medium throughput.