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Anti-CCD absorbent

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Disease information

Anti-CCD absorbent is a reagent designed for incubation with blot-bases allergy profiles. It absorbs (eliminates) the anti-CCD IgE antibodies from the patient’s sample which increases the specificity of the test results.

Anti-CCD antibodies are directed against sugar structures of proteins and they are found in both allergic and non-allergic individuals ( 25% of the cases). Thus when present, they obscure the test results and make the interpretation very difficult (although they have no clinical significance). Since diagnostic tests involve IgE estimation, because of anti-CCD IgE antibodies, it becomes very difficult to interpret if:

  • A positive reaction is caused by the allergen specific IgE directed against peptides
  • A positive reaction is caused by anti-CCD IgE
  • A positive reaction is caused by both the antibody types

Thus, the use of anti-CCD absorbent eliminates the confounding antibodies and enables accurate interpretation of test results.

The absorbent is particularly useful if the patient sample contains the antibodies against CCD structures. This is demonstrated by a positive CCD band on incubation allergy profile. In this case, the serum is retested, this time with the addition of the absorbent.

Diagnostic Guidelines

Diagnostics involve incubating the patient’s sample with anti-CCD absorbent for 60 minutes at room temperature. This sample can then directly be tested within the incubation with different allergy profiles.

Anti-CCD absorbent products

The individual product regulatory statements may vary, please refer to the instructions for use for more information.

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1 NUL anti-CCD absorbent
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