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Alpha amylase

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Disease information

Identification of stress plays an important role in treating and preventing many diseases. Fortunately, we have a number of stress related markers that can be used to evaluate stress and its effects. These markers help manage a lot of stress related states by heralding an early warning through their increasing titers. One such marker is alpha amylase.

In humans, alpha amylase is produced in the salivary glands and secreted in saliva. It breaks down carbohydrates such as starch from plants and glycogen from animal components of the diet. The secretory alpha amylase (sAA) is strongly associated with autonomic nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system) and hence can be used to study changes in its activity.

Diagnostic Guidelines

The concentration of secretory alpha amylase (sAA) in saliva correlates with psychological stress and the levels of secretory IgA but not with other stress markers such as cortisol or noradrenaline. Thus, by estimation of the levels of sAA, we can essentially evaluate stress burden of a patient. Moreover, success of a psychotherapeutic stress therapy and drug therapy for autonomic stress responses can also be monitored by estimating sAA titers.

Alpha amylase products

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wdt_ID Method Parameter Substrate Species/ Antigen
626 ELISA cortisol
determination in saliva
microplate wells
627 ELISA sIgA
determination in saliva
microplate wells
628 ELISA alpha-amylase
determination in saliva
microplate wells
Method Parameter Substrate Species/ Antigen
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