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Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

For in vitro diagnostic use. Rx Only.

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Monoclonal antibody biologics are often used as therapeutic agents. These biologics act as selective inhibitors of relevant target structure and have the potential to influence the natural course of progressive diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) is the quantitative measure of drug levels in the blood to maximize efficacy and safety at different timepoints.1,2 TDM has been shown to be effective in reducing the costs of patient treatment and management.1

Reduction in a drug level could indicate that anti-drug antibodies (ADA) are being produced against the drug. These endogenous antibodies complex the drug, leading to early elimination from the body and/or inhibit the mechanism of action.


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Therapeutic Drug Monitoring products

For in vitro diagnostic use. Rx Only.
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wdt_ID Method Parameter Target Substrate
600 trFRET Adalimumab
601 trFRET Infliximab
Method Parameter Target Substrate
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