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Adipose tissue also behaves as an endocrine organ by secreting various hormones called adipokines. Understandably in people who are overweight, there is dysregulation in function of adipose tissue and so is the production of these adipokines. The most common of these are adiponectin and leptin which represent a link at the level of signal transduction between adipocytes and metabolic disorder.

Adiponectin is present in the plasma in high concentrations. It sensitizes the body to insulin, is anti-inflammatory and protects from atherosclerosis. However in obese patients, the expression/synthesis of adiponectin is down-regulated so its serum levels are less than those in normal weight people.

Leptin on the other hand is an adipokine that suppresses appetite, increases energy usage and weight loss under physiological conditions. Its levels correlate with the amount of fat an individual has. Consequently in people who are obese, the serum levels of leptin are increased and this is due to development of resistance against leptin in such patients (which explains the weight gain). In patients of hunger and malnutrition, leptin levels are decreased. Keep in mind, leptin is a pro-inflammatory cytokine unlike adiponectin which is anti-inflammatory.

Diagnostic Guidelines

Diagnostics are based upon the estimation of blood concentration of these cytokines. We have observed that leptin levels are related to type 2 diabetes (DMT2). Low adiponectin and elevated leptin are observed to induce a weak chronic inflammatory state which is responsible for the development of insulin resistance and thus diabetes. Moreover, these concentrations also increase the risk for high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. Low adiponectin and high leptin levels are also independent risk factors for metabolic syndrome.

Adipokines products

For Research Use Only. Not For Use In Diagnostic Procedures.
The individual product regulatory statements may vary, please refer to the instructions for use for more information.

wdt_ID Method Parameter Substrate Species/ Antigen
568 ELISA leptin antibody-coated
microplate wells
569 ELISA adiponectin antibody-coated
microplate wells
Method Parameter Substrate Species/ Antigen
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