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Disease information

Although there are a lot causes for infertility, here we’ll dig only into the possible autoimmune etiology of the condition. Autoantibodies cause destruction of the reproductive tissues of both males and females this contributes to infertility. The antibodies are directed against sperm producing and steroid producing cells of the testes and ovaries respectively and such autoimmune infertility usually occurs in association with other autoimmune diseases.

In 20% of cases of autoimmune infertility, the predominant antibody is the one directed against spermatozoa and is present in both males and females. It primarily works by impairing sperm motility through surface binding and agglutination process. In females with primary ovarian insufficiency, antibodies against different ovarian structures also lead to infertility. These antibodies prevent the maturation of the ovum and its fertilization by sperm and their main target antigens are various steroid producing cells in the ovaries.

Diagnostic Guidelines

Diagnostics for autoimmune infertility are based upon detection of antibodies against spermatozoa and ovarian antigens. The infertility Mosaic 7 allows for detection of antibodies against spermatozoa and leydig cells as well as a multitude of ovarian, placental and uterine antigens. Thus, this comprehensive test enables detection of any abnormality in both partners in a single test.

Infertility products

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wdt_ID Method Parameter Substrate Species/ Antigen
548 IFA ovarian antigens ovary monkey
549 IFA Infertility Mosaic 7
ovarian antigens
Leydig cells
placental antigens
uterine antigens
ovarian antigens
Leydig cells
placental antigens
uterine antigens
5 BIOCHIPs per field:
550 IFA antibodies against ovary: theca cells
(ovary ab control)
551 IFA Leydig cells testis monkey
552 IFA antibodies against testis: Leydig cells
(testis ab control)
553 IFA antibodies against spermatozoa
554 IFA spermatozoa smear human
Method Parameter Substrate Species/ Antigen
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