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Dried Blood Spots (DBS)

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Capillary blood, collected from the fingertip, is applied onto barcoded blood collection cards which allow complete traceability of the sample over the entire process. There are various automation solutions available, both for punching out the dried blood spots and automated test processing, which are suitable for every laboratory size and sample throughput.

Find more information about the EUROIMMUN and Revvity blood collection set here

Dried Blood Spots (DBS)

DBS Holder

  • DBS Holder supports effective processing of sample material from DBS filter paper
  • DBS Holder fixes membrane punches to the bottom of the wells
  • Direct loading of the deepwell plate with extracted DBS samples
  • Reduced hands-on time


  • Software to support printing of labels for plates and labels for sample tubes.
  • Complete traceability and secure identification of all samples throughout the entire process
  • Interface to automated instruments for punching dried blood spot samples. The plate layout generated by the punchers can be converted back into individual sample barcodes by means of this tool
  • Barcoded sample tubes can be integrated into existing workflows of the automated devices.

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