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EUROLabWorkstation ELISA

Fully automated, user-friendly ELISA processing

For in vitro diagnostic use.

The EUROLabWorkstation ELISA is a fully automated complete solution for processing ELISA kits in laboratories with high sample throughput. The system was developed by EUROIMMUN with a focus on efficiency and flexibility, in order to accommodate the ever increasing sample numbers and changing dynamics in the routine laboratory.

Ten washable needles, complementary accessories and a separate robotic arm for handling the microplates enable unparalleled sample throughput. State-of-the-art, intuitive software guides the user graphically through all work steps.

  • Fully automated processing of ELISA from primary sample to result
  • Highest capacity of up to 15 microplates and up to 700 samples in a single worklist
  • Highest throughput of up to 200 tests per hour due to fast pipetting of samples and reagents using 10 pipetting channels and efficient processing of microplates
  • Flexible open system for ELISA tests from different manufacturers
  • Minimal hands-on time and high integrity of results due to use of bar/matrix codes to identify samples, reagents and accessories

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Optimize workflows and obtain maximum process efficiency

Mechanical separation of liquid handling and plate transport allows simultaneous operations
10 needles provide unrivaled performance

Customize system design for different workflow needs

Individual configuration of functionality and operating volume
45 tracks for loading samples and reagents
Up to 8 temperature-controlled incubators

Reduce hands-on time and increase process reliability

Intelligent software guides the operator through all steps
Intuitive graphical user interface for simple run management

Overview process status and directly access all significant information

Detailed dashboard with resource overview, plate status and pending actions

Inspect ELISA plates and evaluate results without delay

Continuous and immediate access to ELISA plates during active run
No need to interrupt running processes

Obtain precise and correct results

Coated stainless steel needles and precision pumps guarantee optimal pipetting precision
Liquid level detection allows for reliable pipetting processes


Sample types Plasma, serum, CSF, and DBS
Sample capacity > 700 samples
Plate capacity 15
Parameter capacity per run up to 180
Incubators up to 8
Shakable incubators up to 4
Throughput > 200 tests per hour
Sample tubes Outer diameter 10 – 16 mm, height up to 100 mm
Pipetting volume 5 μl – 1100 μl, 1 μl increments
Traceability 2 integrated code scanners for identification of samples, reagents, dilution plates and ELISA plates
User interface Touchscreen PC with EUROLabWorkstation ELISA software
Microsoft ® Windows ® 10 LTSB
Online connection ASTM interface, bi-directional
Dimensions (WxDxH) 114.96 in x 31.93 in x 33.82 in
Weight 992.08 lbs

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The EUROLabWorkstation ELISA is a fully automated complete solution
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