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EUROPattern Microscope Live

Convenient immunofluorescence microscopy

The EUROPattern Microscope Live is a computer-aided immunofluorescence system which enables highest speed and convenient result reporting in the diagnostic laboratory. The connection to EUROLabOffice 4.0 supports paper-free management and standardized evaluation of immunofluorescence images directly at the computer screen. The intuitive touchscreen user interface allows the user to directly zoom in on the image or to change the position during live microscopy. Moreover, it is possible for several users to view the images simultaneously at the screen – no discussion bridge is required.

Up to 50 reaction fields are loaded into the microscope at once. Using the 20x objective, a high-resolution camera and high-quality optic components, a large number of substrates can be automatically viewed at the microscope, e.g. tissues, HEp-2 cells, Crithidia, granulocytes and antigen-expressing cells. Focusing is performed fully automatically by a new laser focusing technology. A self-regulating long-life LED as excitation source and the automated microscope calibration based on an integrated fluorescence standard ensure consistent immunofluorescence signal intensity. Owing to its compact design and the opaque housing, the EUROPattern Microscope Live can be used in any room and independently of the light conditions.

  • Fully automated image recording and modern on-screen reporting – the darkroom is now obsolete
  • Ultra-fast focusing due to a new laser technology
  • User-friendly live microscopy with multi-touch navigation and zooming on the computer screen
  • Reliability and traceability owing to automatic identification of slides via matrix codes
  • Convenient entry of results directly in EUROLabOffice 4.0
  • Team microscopy without the need for a discussion bridge


Power Supply 110-240 V, 60 W, 50/60 Hz
cLED light source, constant excitation 460-490 nm
Dimensions (W x D x H) 15.94 in x 20.87 in x 15.35 in
Weight 99.21 lbs


Coming soon.

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EUROIMMUN Product Spotlight

EUROPattern Microscope Live is a fully automated immunofluorescence system with a processing time of only 2 seconds per image.
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Download Our Latest EUROIMMUN US Product Catalog

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