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EUROArrayScan System

Fully automated evaluation for standardized, fast and reliable results of EUROIMMUN microarrays

EUROArrays after hybridization are read in the EUROArrayScanner. The EUROArrayScan software automatically recognizes the position of the arrays and quantifies the spot signals for each DNA probe. In just a few seconds, the software calculates the test results from the signal intensity for all samples and documents the findings. The extensive, integrated controls are automatically taken into account in the process. Manual evaluation and interpretation of the signals is not necessary. The EUROArrayScan software produces a clearly laid out work protocol for every run, which helps to make processing of the samples simple and secure.

With the report output, the user has the possibility to obtain an overview of the results for all samples and/or a detailed individual report with all partial results together with the associated array image in order to verify the suggested findings. Furthermore, the user can add individual comments. The results are automatically saved together with the image data, therefore archiving of the incubated microarrays can be dispensed with. It is possible to interface the EUROArrayScan software with EUROLabOffice or an existing LIS.

  • Automated analysis and evaluation system for molecular diagnostics
  • Rapid evaluation using a fluorescence scanner – one slide in less than 20 seconds
  • Result output in the form of an overview or a detailed individual result
  • Possibility to add comments to the result
  • LIS connection and network-ability for optimal data communication and integration


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Download Our Latest EUROIMMUN US Product Catalog

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