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Automated and reliable evaluation in CSF diagnostics

EUROIMMUN CSF Software is designed for the automated calculation of CSF/serum quotients (CSQalb., CSQtotal IgA/G/M, CSQpath.-spec., CSQlim. and CSQrel. or antibody index AI). The CSQrel. allows a statement to be made on intrathecal pathogen-specific antibody synthesis.

The albumin and antibody concentrations measured by means of e.g. a nephelometer and EUROIMMUN Analyzer or EUROLabWorkstation ELISA can be transferred online into the EUROIMMUN CSF Software so that time consuming and error-prone manual data transfer is no longer required. Manual input of the values or quotients into the software is also possible. For manual transfer a photometer can be connected.

Optionally, a storable standard curve can be used. In this case only a recalibrator needs to be included in the test run rather than 4 to 6 calibrators. This saves reaction wells on the ELISA plate. The re-calibration, validity check and calculation of the antibody concentration are fully automated in the EUROIMMUN CSF Software. For internal quality control, the values of the recalibrator or the serum/CSF controls from different test runs for one lot are clearly presented and administered (Levey-Jennings diagram).

In the detailed patient view, all findings and a suggested end result are shown. The CSF/serum quotients CSQalb. and CSQtotal IgA/G/M are additionally displayed graphically in quotient diagrams according to Reiber and Lange and can be interpreted using the legend. A variety of configurations allows for individual adjustment of the used units and report texts.

  • Automatic calculation of CSF/serum quotients from pathogen-specific antibody, albumin and total IgA/G/M concentrations
  • No time-consuming manual data transfer required – bidirectional data communication between EUROIMMUN Analyzer/EUROLabWorkstation ELISA or photometer, LIS and nephelometer
  • Clear graphic display in quotient diagrams according to Reiber and Lange
  • Use of a storable standard curve (optional)


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