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EURORealTime Analysis

Automated evaluation and documentation

The EURORealTime Analysis software provides simplified processing and fully automated evaluation of EURORealTime test systems. EURORealTime Analysis enables the entry of samples and their allocation to the respective tests. In order to support the subsequent pipetting, the software automatically calculates pipetting schemes and MasterMix preparations based on the input data.

Moreover, export and import modules allow for automated and standardized evaluation of raw data for selected PCR cyclers and provide corresponding result suggestions. All internal and external controls are automatically taken into account. Manual definition of cut-offs for the evaluation of results and subjective interpretation of results are not required. At the end of a run, there is the possibility of printing an overview of all test results, optionally also including the respective amplification curves. Furthermore, the EURORealTime Analysis software can be connected to different LIS, so that requests and result data can also be exchanged directly.

  • Software for automated evaluation and support in the processing of real-time PCR analyses
  • Standardized and automated raw data analysis for fast and objective result evaluation
  • Fully automated report production and documentation including all internal and external controls
  • Convenient guidance through the entire workflow
  • Automated layout creation for the PCR plates, including all required controls
  • Economical re-usability of standard curves for quantification possible
  • Result output in a clearly arranged list of individual results, optionally including amplification curves
  • Supplement to existing real-time PCR platforms, fully compatible with different LIS

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