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HLA-B27 Direct

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Disease information

HLA-B27 is the second human leukocyte antigen in our discussion. It is associated with autoimmune arthropathy mainly ankylosing spondylitis (characterized by fusion of the joint surfaces and immobility). The association can be gauged by the fact that 3 to 6 percent of HLA-B27 carriers develop ankylosing spondylitis and about 90 percent people who develop ankylosing spondylitis have HLA-B27.

Diagnostic Guidelines

Diagnostics are based upon detection of HLA-B27 using EUROArray HLA-B27 Direct that detects all currently known alleles for this tissue antigen. If a positive result is obtained, it also indicates the possibility of presence of HLA-B27:06 or 09, both of which are not associated with ankylosing spondylitis. These are then ruled out using specific tests. The good thing about EUROArray Direct is that it is employed directly on a blood sample in PCR with two extraction reagents without the need for isolation of DNA. The results are automatically evaluated by EUROArrayScan software. There are numerous control points in the assay. For every reaction in the PCR, it is verified whether the DNA sample was present and if correct primers were used for DNA amplification. This is particularly relevant when negative results are obtained. These controls increase the reliability of the test and get accurate results with just a single test.

HLA-B27 Direct products

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wdt_ID Method Parameter
768 EUROArray EUROArray HLA-B27
Method Parameter
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