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Fully automated washing of IFT slides

MERGITE! enables, for the first time, standardized and fully automated washing of IFA slides. The compact tabletop device utilizes a directed but gentle liquid flow, which washes up to 50 substrate fields with consistent quality and without damage to the substrates. The use of carriers allows convenient switching between incubation and wash stations with just one hand maneuver and without the slides drying out. MERGITE! is equipped with an integrated touch screen and does not require an additional PC

  • Automated washing of IFA slides with up to 50 substrate fields in parallel
  • Brilliant fluorescence signals due to the standardized, gentle MERGITE! washing procedure
  • Reduction of required working steps – no beakers, cuvettes and drying of slides required
  • Compact tabletop device with integrated touch screen


High efficiency

Highly efficient by parallel washing of up to 50 substrate fields

Innovative washing process

Field-wise washing of substrate fields with directed liquid flow prevents cross contamination
No more manual drying: Residual liquid is removed by an aspirating step at the end of the washing process

Easy handling

Use of carriers provides easy and efficient handling of slides, reagent trays and cover glasses

Intuitive use

Minimum training requirements and easy use thanks to user-friendly and intuitive user interface
Use as a stand-alone device with modern touchscreen


Slides for five 10-field slides or one 50-field slide
Capacity 50 fields per wash cycle
Buffer channels 2
User interface Integrated touchscreen
Dimensions (WxDxH) 9.84 in x 15.0 in x 8.15 in

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Download Our Latest EUROIMMUN US Product Catalog

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